Certified Gunsmith since 1996 - Any make or model, we can fix it as long as the necessary parts are available. We take pride in being able to find those hard to get parts most of the time. In some cases, parts can be fabricated in our shop.  Our new shop is under construction so we will announce our expanded services when it is completed. Hot blueing is not available at this time.
We want to be as convenient and helpful to our customers as possible by helping you transfer firearms purchased or being shipped from out of state.  We can also ship your firearms anywhere in the United States.

By law, anytime a firearm is shipped between states, that firearm must first be received by an FFL. (An FFL is a Federal Firearm License.) The FFL is then required to do a background check upon the reciever, to guarantee compliance with federal regulations.

We know this process can be a hassle and at times overwhelming. We will do our best to simplify the transfer and ensure a timely exchange.

To make it as smooth of a transfer as possible we have outlined the steps required:

    1.   Contact Brandow FFL Service
    2.   Complete ATF Form 4473 In Person at our shop location
    3.   Pay Transfer Fee *
    4.   Provide sellers fax number so we can fax our FFL
    5.   Seller ships firearm to Brandow FFL Service
    6.   We contact buyer once firearm is received
    7.   Buyer takes ownership
           * $20 single transfer, $10 each additional firearm for multiple transfers at
               same time, to be paid after NICS approval process. Includes NICS check.

If for some reason someone is NOT qualified to purchase or receive the firearm. The purchaser will be responsible for return shipping costs to seller. (If shipped before FBI/NCIS check.) Receiver must meet the minimum requirements to purchase a firearm in Oklahoma.
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Ever wonder if you have a collectible, or what your firearms are worth?  We can provide you with information about the firearm company, model history, the date of manufacture, and other interesting information about your firearm.  We can also supply you with a realistic appraisal based on current market values, no matter the make, model, or condition.  Contact us now to finally get those questions answered!


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We offer our Firearm Locator service, where we find you the BEST price for you firearm purchase.  Let us save you the time and frustration of searching.  Just let us know what you're looking for and we'll give you a quote, and of course, we'll handle the transfer too.  All used firearms purchased through our Firearm Locator service will be checked to be sure the condition is as advertised. If purchased "AS IS" and you want us to, we will make necessary repairs and certify that it is in good working condition at time of transfer.